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Part-time studies

Students usually study at the TU Berlin full-time. In certain cases, however, it is possible to study part-time.

What does “part-time” studies mean exactly?

If you want to study part-time, each university semester is counted as one-half of a subject-specific semester. For example, 4 part-time semesters are then only counted as 2 subject-specific semesters. However, that also means that in each semester you may only obtain one-half of the regular amount of required credits. Part-time studies can only be done for an even number of semesters.  

What makes part-time studies different from studies done while also working?

In part-time studies, the number of courses is reduced but the times of the courses remain the same. In contrast, studies meant to accompany careers / working professionals are adapted to the jobs and courses are typically held in the evenings or on the weekend. It is not necessary for there to be a link between the job and studies, though. Typically, programs meant to accompany careers / working professionals are special offers, e.g. Continuing education Master’s programs focusing on specific areas.



What are the requirements for part-time studies?

Part-time studies are permitted

  1. if you work
  2. if you care for or are raising a child up to 10 years of age,
  3. to care for close relatives in need of care as described in the Home Care Leave Act ("Pflegezeitgesetz"),
  4. if a disability necessitates part-time studies,
  5. during pregnancy,
  6. while holding an office in a university, student body, or Berlin Student Services committee,
  7. for other serious reasons

When requesting part-time studies, you must provide appropriate documentation.

Is it possible to study any program part-time?

Generally, any degree program can be completed part-time. However, there are a few exceptions, in particular:

  • In degree programs with a limited number of spots, the first semester of the program should be done full-time.
  • If you are enrolled in more than one degree program at once, then you are prohibited from studying part-time.
  • Part-time studies are also not possible when enrolling in a Master’s program under reservation of revocation (enrolling without having a completed Bachelor’s degree).
  • If you are taking combination subjects at other universities as part of your teaching degree, please also ask there whether they allow part-time studies.



How can I request part-time studies?

First you should go to the General Student Counseling Service to get information about part-time studies and the consequences. There you will also get support when deciding whether this is right for your personal situation. For questions regarding your schedule and the practical implementation of part-time studies in your degree program, the responsible subject advising service will advise you.

Please submit the request at your tuPORT online with the needed documents (PDF, max. 4 MB, file name max. 40 letters). You should describe the reason you are requesting part-time studies.


You must submit the request with your re-registration for the following semester, at the latest by the end of the re-registration period. Your request will then be evaluated, and we will notify you of the decision.



How long can I study part-time?

You will be registered as a part-time student until you inform the Bachelor's or Master's Service Area that the reason for your part-time studies no longer applies.


If you are student in part-time and you have got a leave of absence, you part-time status is expired as well.

The next re-registration will happen in full-time. If you wish to continue in part-time after a leave of absence, you have sent a new request for part-time studies via you TUB-Account (tuPORT) – app “My requests”.



What consequences does switching to part-time studies have?

There are numerous consequences from switching to part-time studies:

  • As a part-time student, you many only obtain a maximum of half of the required credit points per semester. You should contact the Examinations Office to clarify any questions related to examinations.
  • You will still need to pay the full amount of the semester fees.
  • Your status as a part-time student will be noted on your certificates of enrollment.
  • Switching to part-time studies can under certain conditions have serious consequences related to benefits from non-university agencies including BAFöG, child benefits ("Kindergeld"), and residence entitlements. There might also be consequences in regard to taxes, health insurance, and other matters. You will need to contact the responsible agencies to discuss the consequences of studying part-time for the relevant benefits.



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