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What does it mean to have a document officially certified?


Officially certified / notarized documents verify that the copied document corresponds with the original document. You will need them e.g. in connection with an application, a recognition of academic achievements or when you cancel your enrollment.

Where can I get a certified copy?

Certain public offices and authorities are authorised to autheticate documents. These are, for example:

  • Gemeindeverwaltungen/Kreisverwaltung/Landkreise (municipal administration),
  • Ortsbürgermeister or Ortsvorsteher (offices of a local mayor),
  • Bürgeramt, Stadtverwaltung, Rathaus (city hall, citizen center),
  • Courts and notaries are also included.

The following institutions are authorized to authenticate your documents as well:

  • Culture Department at the Embassy of the country in which the certificate was issued
  • Public authorities and notaries authorized to carry out official authentications in the respective country
  • Diplomatic Missions to the Federal Republic of Germany

Degree certificates with Online-Authentication will be admitted too.

Authentication by interpreters and translators, associations / societies, banks, charities, AStA, DAAD etc. will not be accepted.

What must a certified copy contain?


As the pattern shows the certified copy must contain at least:

  • an endorsement confirming that the copy/photocopy corresponds to the original and
  • the signature of the attestor and
  • sealed with official stamp. An official seal consist of an emblem. A simple stamp is not enough.

If the copy consists of several individual pages, then it must be shown that each page belongs to the same document. It is sufficient if just one page bears the authentication mark and signature, as long as all pages overlap one another (usually in the top-left corner) and are stapled and authenticated such that each page bears a part of the official seal (see the pattern). Each page can also be certified separately. If so your name must be on every page of the original. If the name is not indicated on each page it must be included in the endorsement together with an indication of the type of the document.

Authentication of TU Berlin documents

Documents which are issued by TU Berlin can be certified in our Campus Center. The authentication usually takes one to two days.

Charge: 2 Euro per document, payable in cash during the office hours by the "Universitätskasse" (TU main building) or by bank transfer to the bank account of TU Berlin for "Allgemeiner Zahlungsverkehr".

Please submit the proof of payment in Campus Center as well.

A maximum of 3 copies per document can be authenticated.

For urgent matters please contact your local "Bürgeramt" (Citizen Service Office) for authentication.

Verifying copies in TU Berlin Campus Center

As a special service,TU Berlin (Campus Center) offers applicants the opportunity to obtain copies of original certificates for their application or enrollment to the TU Berlin – free of charge – with the stamp “Original hat vorgelegen” (the original was presented). You have to bring the copy with you and you will get this service only for one copy per original certificate. These copies are not official certifications and not the result of a legal process.

If you have to apply via uni-assist, you cannot use this service. In your case
officially certified copies are required.


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