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Leave of absence

Some circumstances might compel you to interrupt your studies - voluntary or involuntary. These breaks in enrollment are formally recognized as leaves of absence. The following guidance will explain the process and implications.

How to request a leave of absence

Your formal application for Leave incl. a reasoning and a printed proof of payment about your semester fees should be directed via Mail to Servicebereich Bachelor or Servicebereich Master. You can also submit your application at Campus Center in person.

Please note:

  • First re-registration than application for Leave. You will not be granted for Leave without prior re-registration.
  • Basically an application for a Leave is not requested for your 1st semester of study.
  • Application is possible along your re-registration for upcoming semester at the earliest but not later than 4 weeks after lecture start.
  • A leave of absence is normally approved for one or two semester of your studies and should not exceed 4 semesters.
  • If you are studying at two different universities in parallel your application for a leave of absence will matter for both. So you have to apply for it at TU Berlin plus the other university. Submit the certificate of enrollment from the other university along your application.

Reasons for requesting a leave of absence

  • Academic reasons like studying abroad or internship (as mandated in the examination regulations which can not be completed in the semester break)
  • Personal issues like illness
  • Illness or high-maintanance of a child/depentent
  • Maternity or paternity (caring for a child aged to 6) for 3 years maximum
  • Other reasons

Things to consider

Academic implications

  • A semester leave of absence will not be credited as a full study semester.
  • During leave of absence you are not allowed to attend courses but examinations. Exception: Maternity or paternity (caring for a child aged to 6) for 3 years maximum. In that case you may attend courses to 6 semesters). This exception is also applicable if you are absent because of a personal illness.
  • Deadlines or periods for re-examiniations will be extended because of Leave.
  • If your are studying in two degree programs in parallel or in a double degree-program (two different universities) leave of absence will matter for both.

Jobs and financial implications

Taking a leave of absence can have a significant impact on your job (e.g. student assistant) and finances  (e.g. "Kindergeld" / child allowance).

You can apply for dispensation from Semesterticket contribution. Further information and application form >>


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