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Application and enrollment for a Master's program without having a completed Bachlor's degree

The following regulation manages the soon transition from bachelor's degree courses to master's degree courses at TU Berlin. It is expected that you will pass your bachelor's degree till the beginning of the master's degree course (BerlHG § 10 Abs. 5a Satz 1).

Applicants for a Master’s program who at the close of the application deadline were not yet able to present a university degree, but who will soon be awarded their Bachelor’s degree, have the possibility of submitting a certificate from the examination board of their former university. This certificate has to fulfill our requirements. Otherwise you application will be rejected.
More detailed information on our website.

If you have received a letter of admission and were enrolled under reserve of revocation (Immatrikulation unter Widerrufsvorbehalt) with an ECTS-Certificate you are obliged to prove the successful completion of your bachelor's degree to the Graduate Admissions Office until the end of the 1st semester at the latest in accordance with § 9 Abs. 2 AuswahlSa.

In exceptional cases it is possible to apply for a one-time-only extension of one semester of the deadline. An extension is only possible for reasons beyond your control.

Application form:

  • application form "Antrag auf Verlängerung der Mastereinschreibung unter Widerrufsvorbehalt (gemäß § 9 Abs. 2 AuswahlSa)"

If the extension cannot be granted, you will be exmatriculated from the master's program. As a result, if you want to apply again for the same master's program, you will have to apply as a re-registrant (Wiedereinschreiber). This means you can only re-enroll for the next higher semester. If you apply for master's degree program with restriction on admission, you must prove appropriate evidence of academic achievements (30 ECTS per each enrolled semester). A re-registration for a semester beyond the standard period of study is excluded.

For the duration of the enrollment under reserve of revocation (Immatrikulation unter Widerrufsvorbehalt) it is not possible to get a placement for a higher semester.

An enrollment under reserve of revocation is only possible for one master’s degree.

An enrollment under reserve of revocation for part-time studies is excluded.




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