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Studying with vocational qualification and at least 3 years of professional experience

If you can prove a vocational training lasting 2 years minimum plus at least 3 years of professional experience you are eligible to apply to a Bachelor's or State exam program. A distinction is drawn between applicants who:

  • apply for a subject/course of study that is equal or related to their current occupation
  • apply for a subject/course of study that is not equal or related  to their current occupation.

Applicants, who wants to apply for a subject/course that is not equal to their current occupation must take an entrance examination prior application process.

All applicants must apply directly at TU Berlin, not via Hochschulstart.de or uni-assist.e.V.

Entrance requirements

Provides that you prove a completed vocational training (at least 2 years) followed by at least 3 years vocational experience in your learned profession you may apply for a BA or State exam program.

Please note: The minimum tenure of professional experience (3 years) referes to a full-time job. If you have worked in part-time (i.e. 50%) a tenure of 6 years is required.

Maternity leave or any other official granted leave of absence will be taken into consideration.

List of equal or related professions
If your profession is not listed, a review of your qualifications is nessasary. 

How to apply?

  • Submit your complete application package until deadline to:

              Technische Universität Berlin


              Referat Zulassung & Immatrikulation

              Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin

      TU Berlin will only proceed complete applications.

  • After examination if you fulfill all requirements and your sought course of study is similar to your vocational training and experience the allocation process will start. If not you will first get an instruction for the entrance examination at TU Berlin Studienkolleg. Allocation process will not start until you pass the exam in that case.

What is a complete application package?

Your application package is complete when you have:

  • filled out the application form and singned it
  • submitted all neccessary documents along with your application (certificates: certified copy, all others: certified copy or in orginal): Proof of professional training plus proof of professional experience

The proof of professional experience must contain the duration of your job, full or part-time position, exact job description.

Freelancer should submit documents like bills, contracts, fiscal proofs.

Please note:

  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • Every non-German document requires a certified translation. For more information click here >> Bachelor International
  • Instruction for International applicants (non-German certificates of education) >> Bachelor International.

Form of evidence

Form of evidence

  •     All certificates in officially certified copies
  •     All other documents in the original or as an officially certified copy
  •     Scholarship letter in officially certified copy (if you would like to study at the TU Berlin as part of a promotion scholarship)

Evidence of professional activity

A certificate from your employer, about

  •     The duration of your employment
  •     The scope of your activity (full-time / part-time)
  •     In which activity you are employed there

If it is not clear from the activity description that you are working in your profession, the certificate must state the professional relationship between training and the activity performed. If your training is a professional requirement for your current job, this can also be confirmed.

Self-employed persons may be provided with proof of relevant professional activity by the submission of all documents showing the orientation and scope of self-employment, e.g. By submission of

  •     invoices
  •     Documents produced under tax declarations

Note: Pure advertising material, Internet sites as well as the mere commercial application do not suffice as proof.


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