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Applying as a second degree student

Second degree students are students who have already passed a Bachelor or Master degree at

  • a German university or
  • another accredited university in Europe, Liechtenstein, Norway or Island (Please note: in this case applicants must apply via uni.assist Further information >>)

and are seeking a second degree in a different undergraduate academic program.

A degree certificate is defintitely required: If you are still studying and you can not prove a degree certifcate at time of application your application for admission will not be accepted for a second degree course but for a first degree course.

Allocation process (programs with admissions restrictions)

Undergraduate programs with admissions restrictions offer a limited access for second degree applicants. For this reason an allocation process is required which takes the applicants final grade into account plus a statement of purpose. This applies to all applicants for a second undergraduate degree (not Master's progams).

How to apply?

You have to apply in exactly the same way as for a first degree even so you must submit the following documents along with your application:

  • Statement of purpose (German)
  • certified copy of your first degree certificate (including grade) plus deed (if not in german a certified translation is required)
  • optionally: proof of periods (care of people, voluntary service)


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