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University entrance qualification certificate


Applicants with international university entrance qualification

General information

University entrance qualification certificate - What does this mean?

If you wish to apply for admission to TU Berlin, you must provide proof of a university entrance qualification. This is normally a secondary school leaving certificate, if applicable, in combination with a university entrance examination. In some cases, you are required to provide, in addition, a transcript of records from your previous university or a university degree, if available.

anabin: Evaluation of your educational certificates

uni-assist will evaluate your university entrance qualification to see if it meets the standards of the Central Office for Foreign Education (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen – ZAB), both with regard to the desired program and the relevant study semester applied for.

Please check the anabin website for further information about the ZAB’s standards. Please search here for the country of your education system: „Schulabschlüsse mit Hochschulzugang“ and / or „Bildungswesen“

The anabin database provides applicants with information on the recognition of country-specific university entrance qualifications, university degrees and other academic credits.

Please note that binding decisions regarding the recognition of foreign educational certificates can only be made after the submission of an application to uni-assist. TU Berlin does not conduct any prior checks.

If a conclusive assessment of your educational qualification is impossible, please contact the “Certificate Recognition Office” at the Berlin Senate Department, which is responsible for the evaluation of foreign educational certificates, including their restriction to specific subjects, and for clarification in cases of doubt.

Types of university entrance qualification

Direct university entrance qualification

  • anabin valuation: “direkter Zugang” (direct admission)
  • You can apply directly for an undergraduate program.

Indirect university entrance qualification

  • anabin valuation: “Feststellungsprüfung/Studienkolleg” (assessment test / Preparatory School)
  • You can apply to the Preparatory School to take the assessment test.
  • Application for admission to an undergraduate program is only possible after passing the assessment test.

General university entrance qualification

  • anabin valuation: “für alle Fächer” / “für alle Schwerpunktkurse” (for all subjects / preparatory courses)
  • If you have a general university entrance qualification, you are eligible to apply for preparatory courses or undergraduate programs in any subject of your choice.

Subject-specific university entrance qualification

  • anabin valuation: “fachorientiert” (subject-specific)
  • If you have a subject-specific university entrance qualification, you are eligible to apply only for specific preparatory courses or specific undergraduate programs.
  • Please check here which preparatory course matches our undergraduate programs.

No university entrance qualification

  • anabin valuation: “Keine Zulassung zu allen Hochschulen” (No admission)
  • In individual cases, it may not be possible to assess your educational certificates as qualifying for indirect admission to Preparatory School or for direct admission to an undergraduate program.
  • Here you can find out more about the possibilities of acquiring a university entrance qualification.

Documentation to be submitted for the assessment of the university entrance qualification

Form and extent of the documents for submission

For the assessment of your university entrance qualification and for the calculation of an average grade you must submit all required foreign educational certificates in full, in due form and on time. Please pay attention to the notes on “Official Certification and Translation”. All educational certificates that have not been issued in either German or English must always be submitted in the original language of the country of origin and, in addition, in German or English translation. Information on the educational certificates to be submitted can be found, among other places, in the evaluation proposals on the anabin website or uni-assist website. Incomplete and/or provisionally issued educational certificates cannot be considered and will lead to the rejection of your application! Please note that, as a rule, the most recently acquired educational certificate determines the “date of acquisition of the university entrance qualification”.

Documentation to be submitted in principle

  • Secondary-school final transcript and school-leaving certificate, where available, including summary of subjects and grades and / or
  • Proof of completed studies, including an overview of subjects and grades as well as an average grade calculated by the institution of higher education -> In this regard, please pay attention to the information for Applicant group Z (second degree)!

Additional documentation that may be required for submission

  • Semi-annual and annual reports from the final two to four years of school including overview of subjects and grades
  • Proof of a university entrance examination or attendance of a pre-university course
  • Assessment test certificate from a German Preparatory School
  • Proof of successfully completed academic years at institutions of higher education in the form of overviews of subjects and grades.

Please note: Time already spent studying at a German university is not a factor in the awarding of a university entrance qualification!

Special qualifications

Assessment test certificate from a German Preparatory School

If you have passed an assessment test at a state-recognized Preparatory School in Germany (Studienkolleg), you are required to submit your certificate for this along with all foreign educational qualifications qualifying you for an indirect university entrance qualification certificate.

Your assessment test certificate must qualify you for admission to an undergraduate program at universities throughout the entire Federal Republic of Germany. Assessment test certificates only qualifying you to study at a university of applied sciences or at a university other than TU Berlin or a university in one particular federal state other than Berlin cannot be considered.

Incomplete and/or provisionally issued educational certificates cannot be considered and will result in the rejection of your application.

All documents referred to on the assessment test certificate must be submitted.

Please check here to see if your focus course matches the undergraduate program you wish to take.

An application for a degree program at TU Berlin not compatible with the focus course indicated on your assessment course certificate is only possible if you can prove that the focus course indicated on your assessment test certificate is compatible with the degree program you wish to study as offered in the federal state where you took your assessment test. Valid proof can be provided by an official document from a university in the federal state where you took your assessment test.

Please note: the passing of an assessment test at a Preparatory School in Germany does not imply that a general German university entrance qualification certificate has been acquired, but rather that the candidate has earned the direct right to study a specific subject at a higher education institution in Germany. Continue to apply to TU Berlin via uni-assist!

Application with vocational qualification

In accordance to § 11 Berliner Hochschulgesetz (BerlHG) the TU Berlin permits holders of a vocational qualification without a university entrance qualification admission for undergraduate programs. More information you can find here.

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